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  • I've probably seen more limit moves in the Minneapolis market in the past month than I have maybe in the 20 years I've been doing this," [Mike Jubinville] said in reference to regulatory limits on daily price increases. "There's no spring wheat left in the U.S. No durum," said Maureen Fitzhenry, a spokeswoman for the Canadian Wheat Board. "We've never had the opportunity to lock in $8 and $9 wheat before," Jubinville said.

  • The board also predicted a durum wheat crop of 3.6 million tonnes, compared with the 4 million it forecast in June. And it estimated Prairie barley production at 9.8 million tonnes, compared with 10.5 million tonnes in June. The wheat board expects to export 17.5 million tonnes of wheat, durum and barley in the coming year, about one million tonnes more than it did in the year ended July 31, [Adrian Measner] said. Measner said it was possible one day earlier this year for a farmer to use the wheat board's fixed price contract to lock in a price of $238 per tonne for top grade wheat (13.5 per cent protein) -- substantially higher than the $216 the board is projecting as its pooled price.

  • ...1 Canada Western Amber Durum (12.5% protein content):. (a) $174 for straight ... produced and will provide improved price information to farmers. Also, it will put ...

  • It's starting to affect the price of pasta just now," said Tom De Nardi, director of sales and marketing with Mondo Foods Co. Ltd. in Winnipeg, a western Canadian food supplier. On Thursday, the Canadian Wheat Board, citing "extremely tight" durum crop supplies, boosted its projected returns for top grade durum by $27 to $473 a tonne or $12.87 a bushel, a record. In a market commentary accompanying its revised pool outlook returns, the wheat board said American sellers appear to have already completed their 2007-2008 export programs. That means the U.S. "is now effectively out of the international durum market, if domestic demand is to be met without increasing imports.

  • The combined duty on imports of Canadian hard red spring wheat rise to 14.16 per cent while tariffs on Canadian durum wheat jump to 13.55 per cent.

    ...FORTY YEARS AGO. Bread prices will be going up in Brandon, a spokesman for ...

  • CWB announced Tuesday that it will buy all issued and outstanding shares of Mission Terminal, Les Elevateurs des Trois-Rivieres, and Services Maritimes Laviolette from Upper Lakes Group Inc. CEO Ian White said the purchase is a first step in securing the federal marketing agency a stronger position in the grain marketing supply chain.

    ...--. EDMONTON - The former Canadian Wheat Board has reached a deal to bolster grain ...The purchase price was not disclosed. The CWB said the deal would be ...markets crops such as wheat, durum, barley, canola, rye, flax, peas and oats around ...

  • Wheat board loyalists accuse them of taking $1.6B in ..., the farmers' share of the international price of grain has gone down from 84 per cent under our ... CGC data show 9,697,210 tonnes of wheat and durum were exported between the Aug. 1 start of the ...

  • It really is a result of a very large crop and a very high-quality crop that was produced," said Brita Chell, the chief financial officer for the CWB. "It all depends on what's driving the global price," she said. "Farmers have been very pleased with the results this year, so we're on a favourable path. But you never know what's to come.

    ... from the 2008-09 season, the Canadian Wheat Board announced Thursday. According to the CWB, ... near-record $7.1 billion from their wheat, durum and barley for the year ending July 2009. That ...

  • If world grain prices rise substantially during the crop year -- as they have this year -- the wheat board, with Ottawa's permission, increases initial payments. Farmers also receive cheques compensating them for grain they've already delivered under the lower price. As of late August, the wheat board estimated that the initial payment for bread-making wheat was only 58 per cent of what the CWB expected to receive in the marketplace. The CWB estimated that the initial payment for pasta-making durum wheat represented only 45 per cent of the return the agency would achieve in selling that crop.

  • The federal government approves payment increases since it covers any shortfalls between the price farmers receive at the elevator and what the wheat board is able to extract on their behalf from domestic and international buyers.

    ... they receive at the elevator for wheat and durum beginning next Thursday. The Canadian Wheat Board ...

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