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  • Edmonton native Kim Adams' late parents were top of mind for the renowned contemporary sculptor on Tuesday as he won a $25,000 Governor General's Award in Visual and Media Arts.After all, it was their transient lifestyle that inspired his love of cars and travel, which he parlayed into an acclaimed career building fantastical large-and small-scale worlds with automobile parts as well as toys and model kits. ___ Butt salutes noir mysteries with 'No Clue' FILM-No-Clue TORONTO -- PHOTO. ___ Trust's Robert Alfons confident to continue solo MUSIC-Trust TORONTO -- Since releasing an acclaimed debut, Toronto's Trust has transitioned into a solo project for Robert Alfons following the departure of Maya Postepski.

    ...His salary for "Breaking Bad" wasn't exactly at drug kingpin ... Angie Flynn is a tough and intuitive homicide detective and single mother. CTV's ...

  • The police budget surpasses all other civic departments and overtime is (always has been) a contentious issue. It'spretty straightforward. Officers get paid extra when they work beyond their scheduled shift. Or if they're called out. Or if they appear in court on a day off. The overtime is certified and authorized by immediate bosses and it's up to divisional inspectors to manage and oversee his or her division's use of it. It was an imperfect system. Communication suffered as officers freshly back from days off tried to maintain murder-case-momentum while the officers initially assigned went off duty. In those days a homicide investigation could lose prominence when other major crimes from the squad's extensive mandate appeared without warning. Court overtime was a huge expenditure, wi...

    ... that had been paid out to homicide detectives flashed brightly on the radar way up on the top ... at least one officer had doubled his base salary with overtime and finished the year closing in on ...

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