multilingualism in the united states

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  • This was the world's first such policy. It branded Canadian multiculturalism as a social experiment. For psychological research, it created a fertile ground for examining issues relevant to life in Canada such as national and ethnic identity (e.g., Kalin & Berry, 1982); intergroup relations including prejudice, discrimination, interethnic attitudes (Aboud & Taylor, 1971; Dion, 2002; Esses & Zanna, 1995); and acculturation of a wide variety of cultural groups in Canada, including Chinese (Dion, Dion, & Pak, 1990), Greeks (Georgas, Berry, Shaw, & Christakopoulo, 1996), Hispanics (Wong-Rieger & Quintana, 1987), Iranians (Safdar, Lay, & Struthers, 2003), Koreans (Berry, Kim, Power, Young, & Bujaki, 1989), Turks (Ataca & Berry, 2002), South Asians (Naidoo ...

    ... first) and ahead of Australia and the United States. The official place of Aboriginal Peoples ... multiculturalism is reflected in multilingualism. As noted earlier, currently there are as many as ...

  • ... every second year to all member states of UNESCO. Information on non-member states and ... 3 % of all books available for sale in the United States are new translations from other languages ... to respond to the challenges of multilingualism in information production. One of them is by ...

  • ... of interdependence among societies and states, and events in one part of the world are having a ... the issue of Mexican migration to the United States has been a highly sensitive issue. This ...", including multiculturalism and multilingualism, and it has called for "a temporary moratorium on ...

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