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  • Talks, not arms, solution for Syria: Baird -- OTTAWA - Reports of a Russian arms shipment to the Syrian regime and the rejection of peace talks by opposition groups raised fears Thursday that international efforts to bring an end to the civil war in Syria are at risk.

  • The announcement of the disputed 2007 presidential election results in Kenya on December 27th, 2007 led to what could be described as the worst political crisis in Kenyan post-colonial history. This massacre claimed over 1000 lives of children, men, and women, and left about 600,000 Kenyans internally displaced. The immediate and remote causes of the crisis have been analyzed by different experts. Thus, it is pertinent to note that remote causes of the violence are traceable to the advent of multi-party politics in the 1990s and it was manifested in different forms in different parts of the country. Although exacerbated by political feuds, the violence had its roots in ethnic rivalries and struggle for ancestral lands. The internal feud had been brewing for decades and the election resu...

  • At a day-long hearing Wednesday, eight justices will hear arguments from seven different intervenors on whether Justice Marc Nadon, appointed by Prime Minister Stephen Harper last fall, is eligible to sit as a Quebec representative on the highest court in the land. ___ Firm of MP's cousin searched in probe Del-Mastro-Elections UNDATED _ Investigators with the country's electoral financing watchdog, backed by the Mounties, searched a company owned by independent MP Dean Del Mastro's cousin as part of an ongoing probe. Thailand's prime minister insisted Tuesday she wouldn't quit as protesters seeking her ouster blocked key roads in the heart of Bangkok for a second day, leaving the country's political crisis firmly deadlocked.The demonstrators had pledged to "shut down" the city of 12 mi...

  • [...] the Canadian public might have been ahead of the politicians in recognizing that debt and deficits had to come down, and that the process would be painful.

  • [...] the cocoa crop is in decline and world prices have doubled in the past five years.

  • The Canadian Press revealed Thursday that the government appointee will be paid about $1,300 a day, with the money coming from the band's administration budget -- despite government studies showing the third-party management system is not cost efficient. Attawapiskat is welcoming federal aid in the form of composting toilets, renovation materials and wood stoves.

  • The political standoff in Lebanon pits Syria's opponents, mostly Christians and Sunni Muslims, against Damascus's allies, mostly Shiite Muslims, led by the powerful Hezbollah guerrilla group. Anti-Syrians dominate the government and parliament, but Hezbollah is threatening to bring down the government with a wave of mass protests unless it and its allies are given more power. Tuesday's assassination of industry minister Pierre Gemayel, an anti-Syrian Christian leader, reignited anger at Damascus, which dominated Lebanon for nearly three decades but was forced to withdraw its troops last year over accusations it was behind the killing of [Rafik Hariri]. Damascus has denied any role in the slayings of Hariri, Gemayel or four other anti-Syrian politicians the past two years.

  • TORONTO - Some of the most active companies traded Monday on the Toronto Stock Exchange and the TSX Venture Exchange: Toronto Stock Exchange (14,212.74 up 3.15 points): Osisko Mining Corp. (TSX: CEO Lorenzo Donadeo said he has a "bullish" view of the European gas market due to a number of factors, including tensions over the political crisis in Ukraine that could put upward pressure on natural gas prices on the Continent.

  • The Revolution of 1911 leading to the collapse of the Qing Dynasty started with the Railway Project Crisis in Sichuan Province, the studies of which have focused on the political and economic game of railway project and reserved capital between both factions, i.e. constitutionalist and revolutionaries, and the Qing Government, but there are a few of researches from the financial point of view, especially, from the perspective of national financial credit as the starting point. In the final analysis, the game interaction between national capital and private capital aims to control the railway monopoly resources. The historical event enlightened that: the form of railway finance is not confined to the state-owned or private-owned or government-merchant joint management forms, the key is t...

  • Andrew's unique combination of political communication, crisis communication, and digital media experience will bring a fresh perspective to our clients as they navigate an increasingly complex communications environment," said MSLGroup chief executive Jeremy Sice.

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