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  • Bekim Zeneli was not told of the Dec. 5 threat against his life, in which career criminal turned informant Scotty "Taz" Robertson offered to kill Zeneli in exchange for $20,000 from the Hells Angels. Robertson jokingly asked the men if they wanted a "two-for-one" and said Zeneli's murder would cost more because it involved more "planning," but that he would only charge $2,000 to take out Heickert. This conversation never happened," one of the men in the room with the agent said as they parted ways. Robertson said Heickert would take "about a week," with Zeneli "perhaps two weeks.

  • * Feb. 9, 2007 -- [Scotty "Taz" Robertson]'s personal wire captures a frightening scene. He calls an associate, demanding he repay some money. Robertson then goes to the man's house, forces his way inside and steals his satellite dish as collateral. The victim doesn't call police and Robertson's handlers take no action. * Feb. 15, 2007 -- Police listen in as Robertson is inside a local bar getting into a heated argument with another patron. Robertson leaves before police are forced to move in. "Unknown persons" later beat the man he was arguing with, said [Chris Mainella]. No police report is filed. * June 16, 2007 -- Police get information that Robertson has syringes laying around his home, along with cocaine and a "substantial" amount of money, said Mainella. The needles are of partic...

  • Undercover police agent Scotty "Taz" Robertson told several gang associates inside a Pembina Highway hotel room he would take out [Bekim Zeneli] for $20,000. Robertson was paid $650,000 to infiltrate the Hells Angels during the year-long undercover Project Drill probe that resulted in 18 arrests, including Manitoba Hells Angels president Dale Donovan and full-patch members from Ontario and British Columbia. Zeneli was described by his rivals as a "terrorist" who was pushing the Hells Angels out of [Thompson] and needed to be stopped. Police also recorded detailed discussion about killing [Sean Michael Heickert], who was working with Zeneli at the time.

  • Crown attorney Chris Mainella told court [Dale "Deli" Donovan] played several roles in the local organized crime scene. He was an "umpire" to feuding felons and a "tax collector" to people he authorized to sell marijuana and cocaine at various locales throughout Manitoba, such as native reserves and northern communities. Donovan's activities were being closely monitored by police during their Project Drill. Longtime criminal Scotty "Taz" Robertson was able to infiltrate the gang and conduct a series of drug and weapons deals that investigators caught on video and audio surveillance.

  • Devon Gurniak was working inside the poker hall he co-owns when two men burst inside, armed with a .45-calibre handgun. The gunmen were clearly looking for his brother, Dean, court was told. The brothers were ordered to remove their clothing to prove they weren't wearing a wire. Moments later, the bullets began flying. Police hired Scotty "Taz" Robertson to work undercover, paying him $650,000 to broker a series of drug and weapons deals that were caught on camera beginning in late 2006. Wiretaps revealed an increasing risk of violence involving many of the people being targeted in Drill, especially in [Thompson] towards the end of 2007.

  • [Lester Jones] was among 18 suspects arrested last winter as part of Project Drill, in which career criminal Scotty "Taz" Robertson was paid more than $600,000 to infiltrate a cross-country drug network. Jones was caught arranging a two-kilogram cocaine deal in February 2007, which included a face-to-face meeting with Robertson in Calgary. The agent agreed to pay $72,000 for a shipment that Jones promised would be better than the cocaine currently available in Winnipeg. Robertson was then sent to Calgary days later to deliver the cash payment to Jones, who was attending the Hells Angels annual "pig roast," the judge was told.

  • Stacy Jack Finch, 50, of St. Pierre Jolys, was sentenced to 66 months in prison after admitting he brokered two drug deals with secret agent Scotty "Taz" Robertson earlier this year. The second, on Jan. 31, was in the parking lot of Boogie's Diner on Main Street. Robertson paid Finch $11,000 for the small white pills which were marked with brand-name logos including "Coca Cola". This is the early-bird special," Crown attorney Chris Mainella said with a smile as he explained the sudden resolution of Finch's case to provincial court Judge John Guy.

  • The video shows Stacy Jack Finch, a longtime city employee who got caught in "Project Drill" when he sold informant Scotty "Taz" Robertson 10 pounds of marijuana and nearly 1,000 crystal methamphetamine pills last year. The first drug deal, on Jan. 27, occurred on the Harbour View public golf course where Finch worked. Robertson was given $23,000 in marked money by the police, which was then paid to Finch for the marijuana. The second, on Jan. 31, was in the parking lot of Boogie's Diner on Main Street. Robertson paid Finch $11,000 for the small white meth pills that were marked with brand-name logos including "Coca Cola.

  • Lawyers for the accused will only get one attempt at testing the evidence and grilling career criminal Scotty "Taz" Robertson, who was paid $650,000 to broker a series of drug and weapons deals that were caught on audio and video surveillance beginning in late 2006.

  • ... a career criminal become a "secret agent." Scotty "Taz" Robertson was able to infiltrate the gang ...

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