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Librarians Guide

This document is intended to give librarians from organizations that have contracted vLex licenses the tools to leverage the most out of their purchase. The Librarian’s Guide includes topics such as:

- How to give library users access to the service
- How vLex content is organized
- How to help users find content in vLex (MARC records, federated search, link to content in vLex, cited content in vLex, among others)
- How to track the vLex usage
- How to get help

Download the vLex Librarian’s Guide (Dec 2019 Edition, in English)

MARC Records

Download MARC records included in vLex content in .mrc (ISO 2709) format.
- All content (books and magazines): download MARC records here
- All books: download MARC records here
- All magazines: download MARC records here

vLex in CSV

Download the file in .csv format with the information of the contents included in vLex.

Then import the records into your bibliographic catalog.

Select the list (updated to date)

Contents of:

vLex in CSV (by product)

You can download a CSV file with information about what's included in each vLex product.

You can also import this information to your catalog.

Select a product in the list (up-to-date)

Content included by product:

User’s Guides

In this section you will find all the updated information regarding the operation of vLex Help Center

Complete Listing

Download a.csv file with all the available sources in vLex, classified by countries and collections. Download here

KBART (.csv)

Download KBART file in .csv format with the information of books & journals included in vLex. Download here


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