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  • Yukonstruct v. Connolly, 2019 YKSC 67
  • Bahm v. Capital Towing Services Ltd., 2019 YKSM 1
  • Mao v. Grove, 2019 YKSC 62
  • C.R. v. J.C., 2019 YKSC 64
  • Bays v. Dindia, 2019 YKSC 61
  • R. v. Mitchell, 2019 YKTC 51
  • R. v. Charlie, 2019 YKCA 18
  • R. v. Rowe, 2019 YKTC 47
  • R. v. Charlie, 2019 YKCA 17
  • R. v. Keobke, 2019 YKSC 63
  • Simon v. Poirier, 2019 YKSC 56

    [1]            The plaintiff and the defendant were in a romantic relationship.  They married in September 2016, and separated in December 2017. Their separation was difficult and acrimonious.  It is in that emotionally charged context that the plaintiff filed her civil claim against the defendant for conversion of her engagement ring and wedding band as well as for defamation. The Court...

  • R. v. Rowe, 2019 YKTC 45
  • Roothman & Co. v. Humphrey, 2019 YKSC 60
  • R. v. Gaven, 2019 YKTC 44

    [1]            Reid Gaven is charged that on July 28, 2018 he failed to remain at the scene of an accident pursuant to s. 94(1)(a) of the Motor Vehicles Act, RSY 2002 c. 153, (the “Act”).  It is common ground that in the early morning hours of July 28, Mr. Gaven collided with an unattended parked truck in downtown Dawson City.  The truck that he was driving stalled.  He remained in and restarted...

  • R. v. Gaven, 2019 YKTC 46

    [1]            Reid Gaven is charged that on July 28, 2018 he failed or refused, without reasonable excuse, to comply with an approved screening device (“ASD”) demand contrary to s. 254(5) of the Criminal Code.

  • P.J.S. v. R.D.S., 2019 YKSC 54

    [1]            Two applications for interim relief were heard in this matter. The first was brought by the mother, P.S., for sole possession of the family home; custody and residence of the child of the marriage, T.S.; supervised access to T.S. by a mutually agreeable third party for one hour per visit in a public place to be provided to the father, D.S.; and restraining D.S. from attending at P.S

  • R. v. Schafer, 2019 YKTC 41

    [1]             Chris Schafer has applied, by Notice of Application filed May 1, 2019, to vary the terms of the s. 810.2 Recognizance he was placed upon by Ruddy J. on May 10, 2018, with written reasons set out in R. v. Schafer, 2018 YKTC 18 released May 23, 2018, appeal dismissed 2018 YKSC 52, leave to appeal granted 2019 YKCA 12.

  • R. v. C.S., 2019 YKTC 43

    [1]            C.S. has been charged with having committed the offence of sexual assault, contrary to s. 271 of the Criminal Code, as well as two offences under s. 137 of the Youth Criminal Justice Act (“YCJA”).  C.S. was 15 years of age at the time that the offences are alleged to have been committed.

  • Stuart v. Doe, 2019 YKSC 53

    [1]            The defendant brings four procedural applications in an action in defamation. The action arises from a Facebook post by her about the result of her complaint to Yukon College of an alleged sexualized assault on her by a faculty member. Neither the name of the individual nor the name of the educational institution was mentioned in the post. Approximately five weeks after the post,...

  • R. v. Lennie, 2019 YKSC 51
  • R. v. Aguilera Jimenez, 2019 YKTC 42

    [1]             Dawson Aguilera Jimenez has entered a guilty plea to having committed an offence contrary to s. 5(2) of the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act (“CDSA”).

  • Sheepway v. Hendriks, 2019 YKSC 50

    [1]            This case is about the conditions of Mr. Sheepway’s incarceration in the Secure Living Unit of the Whitehorse Correctional Centre (“WCC”) from August 31, 2016, to May 8, 2018, some 21 months pending trial and sentencing. He challenges the constitutionality of his incarceration under s. 7 of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms. He also challenges the legality of the Secure Living...

  • R. v. J.J.P., 2019 YKCA 16
  • J.L.S. v. P.D.T.S., 2019 YKSC 49

    [1]            The plaintiff, J.L.S. (the mother) brings an application for child support against the defendant, P.D.T.S. (the father).  The father opposes the relief sought.

  • R. v. R.W.R., 2019 YKTC 33

    [1]             R.W.R. was convicted after trial of having committed offences contrary to        ss. 271 and 266 of the Criminal Code.  He has also entered guilty pleas to having committed offences contrary to ss. 145(5.1), 145(3), 430(1)(a), and 129(a) of the Code.

  • R. v. Wabisca, 2019 YKTC 39

    [1]             Dylan Wabisca has been charged with having committed offences contrary to ss. 253(1)(a) and 254(5) of the Criminal Code.

  • S.L.H. v. A.W.H., 2019 YKSC 43
  • A.E.J. v. B.G.J., 2019 YKSC 47

    [1]            VEALE C.J. (Oral):  I will give the judgment in generic terms and try not to give too much detail because we do draft them up and put them on the website.

  • X. v. 506 All Day Grill, 2019 YKSC 46

    [1]            This is an application by the defendants, Wayne Kwong Hap Yim and Fen Xei operating as 506 All Day Grill and 46249 Yukon Inc., for summary judgment. The defendants are seeking the dismissal of the plaintiff’s claim against them under the Fatal Accidents Act, S.Y. 2008 c. 86, as amended (the “Act”), on the basis that the plaintiff does not qualify as a spouse under the Act, and that,

  • Petrie v. AIG Insurance Company of Canada, 2019 YKSC 45

    [1]            This is an application by counsel for AIG Insurance Company of Canada (“AIG”) for production of certain documents based on relevance, solicitor-client privilege and litigation privilege.

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