vLex Justis Common Law Collection

Extensive collection of common law materials from the United Kingdom, Ireland, the Caribbean, Australia, New Zealand and Canada

vLex Justis Common Law Collection

The largest collection of common law cases, covering United Kingdom, Ireland, the Caribbean, EU Courts, Offshore, New Zealand, Australia and Canada.

  • The Largest Collection of U.K. Superior Court Judgements

    - House of Lords / Supreme Court: 1852 onwards
    - Privy Council: 1999 onwards
    - Court of Appeal (Civil Division): 1951 onwards
    - Court of Appeal (Criminal Division): 1963 onwards
    - High Court: 1996 onwards
    - Statutes: 1235 onwards
    - Statutory Instruments: 1671 onwards
    - Local & Private Acts: 1797 onwards

  • The Largest Collection of Irish Case Law

    - Cases from 1838 onwards
    - Legislation from 1925 onwards

  • The Largest Collection of Caribbean Cases Online

    - Caribbean Court of Justice: 2006 onwards
    - Eastern Caribbean Supreme Court Cases: 2003 onwards
    - Jamaican Cases: 1999 onwards
    - British Virgin Islands (BVI) Cases: 1994 onwards
    - Cayman Islands Cases: 1989 onwards
    - Bermuda Cases: 2013 onwards

  • Extensive Coverage of Australian Court Decisions

    Including decisions of the Capital Territory Court of Appeal, Capital Territory Supreme Court, New South Wales Court of Appeal, High Court of Australia, New South Wales Court of Criminal Appeal and more

    Cases from 1986 onwards

  • Extensive Coverage of New Zealand Court Decisions

    Supreme Court: 2009 onwards
    Court of Appeal: 2009 onwards
    High Court: 2009 onwards
    Employment Court: 2010 onwards
    Environment Court: 2010 onwards
    Legal Complaints Review Officer: 2010 onwards
    Lawyers and Conveyancers Disciplinary Tribunal: 2010 onwards

  • European Union Collection

    Case law, Legislation, Official Journal of the EU and additional materials

  • Additional collections available upon request

    Contact us to learn more about additional a-la-carte collections from Justis

  • Index of content from all major platforms

    JustisOne combines a full-text library with an index of content from all the major platforms, so you can locate a case with a single search across multiple database

    By indexing law reports, judgments and content from other jurisdictions, you can search with the peace of mind that you are reducing the inherent risk of missing a crucial legal authority available elsewhere

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