vLex Puerto Rico

Unbeatable coverage for Puerto Rico

vLex Puerto Rico

vLex Puerto Rico is the ultimate online legal research platform developed sui generis for Puerto Rico, including comprehensive legislative, regulatory and case law databases and an extensive collection of books and journals

  • Comprehensive Laws and Regulations

    - Annotated Codes and Statutes, updated daily
    - Bills
    - Regulations
    - Rules
    - Executive Orders
    - Annotated U.S. Constitution
    - Annotated Puerto Rico Constitution
    - Code of Federal Regulations
    - U.S. Code
    - Treaties

  • Comprehensive Puerto Rican Case Law

    - P.R. Tribunal Supremo de Justicia
    - P.R. Tribunal Apelativo
    - U.S. District Courts
    - District of Puerto Rico
    - U.S. Supreme Court
    - U.S. Court of Appeals for the 1st Circuit
    - U.S. Bankruptcy Court (1st Circuit)

  • Extensive Books & Journals Collection

    Collection of books and law journals in full text from leading universities and publishing houses

  • Local News Offering

    Featuring "El Nuevo Día" newspaper

  • Language is no longer a barrier

    Multi-language search interface

    Automatic parallel translation of search results in full-text

    Multilingual SmartTopics

  • Proactive partner for libraries

    Over 15+ plug and play integrations (SFX, MetaLib, EndNote, EBSCO Discovery...)

    IP Access & SSO options

    Chrome extension that incorporates vLex search results directly into your Google search

    vLex Mobile app

    List of Integrations

  • Easy to use!

    Our intuitive interface flattens the learning curve and accelerates your success

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