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Develop powerful custom solutions with vLex’s award-winning, AI-driven legal technology. Transform your data by connecting your documents and knowledge, and create new insights and cutting-edge services for your customers.

Custom solutions

A toolbox of intelligent technology

vLex intelligence comes from a toolbox of technology, models and features that help you connect data sources, create workflows, implement new processes, and even design client-facing services. Unlike other tools on the market, vLex’s custom solutions come complete with trained computing models for categorisation and prediction. These computing models can be customised to your needs, saving your firm thousands of hours of development time when creating and refining new internal or external services.

A toolbox of intelligent technology

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A curated collection of our innovative custom solutions projects.

Custom solutions

vLex’s projects that deliver new industry standards

Public access websites

Governments and courts utilise vLex's custom solutions to build transparent, public-facing websites that showcase legal information, strengthen public trust and ensure legal accessibility.

Legal entity extraction and classification

vLex technology is equipped in identifying keywords, phrases, names, and citations to then be processed, removed or linked to internal or external documents. vLex technology can standardise file types, and send files to different departments and individuals for review.

Content augmentation

vLex technology can help you ingest, transform and enrich your legal documents to be used by your staff or clients. vLex can also help you build models to ensure the correct information is organised and presented in the right way for your firm.

Personalised predictive analytics

Create prediction models to understand the likelihood of winning an upcoming court case using your internal data. Explore the financial impact of case outcomes, and identify experts within your firm by analysing their legal knowledge through documents to ensure you have the right people working on each case and client project.

Personalised tracking of litigation and regulations

Keep on top of changes to the law around the world and keep your global workforce up to date with these changes. vLex technology can connect your team and data with the most recent regulations and precedents, extracting the key information from legal documents and sending this directly to specific staff to ensure you can act quickly.

Personalised law firm analytics

Connect your documents and internal data, such as your billing hours, to understand the emerging trends from customer needs, how your staff are investing their time, and identify gaps and opportunities that could enable you to expand your business into new areas.

In-depth case study


Supporting digital transformation within the largest company in Colombia.

Custom solutions

No problem is too big or too small, as vLex can:

  • Process large volumes of documents and export them into standardised formats
  • Create new revenue streams and reduce publication costs
  • Apply AI to extract new insights from existing resources
  • Apply classification and search ranking algorithms to your data
  • Connect data sources from internal or external resources
  • Create workflows and processes to automate procedures
  • Create new client-facing data services
  • Save your firm hundreds of hours of time training ML models
  • Keep individual lawyers in your firm up-to-date with relevant information and cases
  • Utilise graph QL, which enables you to create lightweight desktop and mobile applications using internal and external data

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