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  • Rodway v Reardon, 2019 SKCA 99
  • Lapchuk v Saskatchewan, 2019 SKCA 98

    [1] Litigants hope to have their legal issues resolved as equitably and expeditiously as possible by an authoritative adjudicator. Subject only to rights of review or appeal, they expect, in the interests of fairness, to be able to rely on the outcome as final and binding. What they do not expect is to have those same issues relitigated by a different adjudicator in a different forum at the...

  • Walker v Walker, 2019 SKCA 96
  • R v Lemioer, 2019 SKCA 95
  • Figley v Figley, 2019 SKCA 94
  • R v Dustyhorn, 2019 SKCA 93
  • Alie-Kirkpatrick v Saskatoon (City), 2019 SKCA 92

    [1] The plaintiffs in this action are Canadian farmers who borrowed money from the Farm Credit Corporation (hereinafter “F.C.C.”), subsequently fell into arrears on their payments, and were dissatisfied with the settlement options offered to them by the F.C.C. Although each plaintiff’s fact situation is different, they are generally alleging that they were treated unfairly and dealt with in an...

  • R v Cathcart, 2019 SKCA 90

    [1]           After a trial, Christopher Cathcart was convicted of two counts of unlawful confinement, contrary to s. 279(2) of the Criminal Code, two counts of attempted robbery, contrary to s. 344(1), and one count of breaching a bail undertaking, contrary to s. 145(3). He was acquitted on charges of dangerous driving and flight from police (R v Caisse (9 March 2018) Saskatoon, CRM 137/2018 (Sas

  • Frenchman Butte (Rural Municipality) v Husky Energy Inc., 2019 SKCA 91

    [1]           This appeal raises the question as to whether certain oil storage tanks and chemical storage tanks, owned by the respondent, Husky Energy Inc. [Husky], are subject to taxation pursuant to The Municipalities Act, SS 2005, c M-36.1 [Act].

  • Berger v Saskatchewan (Financial and Consumer Affairs Authority), 2019 SKCA 89
  • Mercredi v Saskatoon Provincial Correctional Centre, 2019 SKCA 86

    [1]           In January 2018, Jamie Mercredi was an inmate at the Saskatoon Provincial Correctional Centre [SPCC]. On January 10, 2018, corrections officials decided he should be assigned a low-security designation. They also decided that he should be moved to Unit A [unit placement decision], one of the living units at the SPCC. Mr. Mercredi objected to being placed in Unit A, as inmates in...

  • R v Choli, 2019 SKCA 87

    [1]           Gabar Choli had been tried and acquitted on charges of unlawfully importing opium under s. 6(1) of the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act, SC 1996, c 19 [CDSA], and possession of opium for the purposes of trafficking under s. 5(2) of the CDSA. The Crown appealed the acquittal decision and a new trial was ordered (R v Choli, 2016 SKCA 64, 480 Sask R 73). At his second trial, which...

  • Guenther v Princess Homes Ltd., 2019 SKCA 88

    [1]           The appellants, Myron and Rachel Guenther, signed a mortgage agreement with the respondent, Princess Homes Ltd. [Princess Homes]. The Guenthers immediately defaulted on their mortgage payments. In the course of its enforcement efforts, Princess Homes obtained an order abridging the time for service of its application for leave to commence an action for foreclosure and an order...

  • Kapoor v The Law Society of Saskatchewan, 2019 SKCA 85
  • R v Woods, 2019 SKCA 84

    [1]           David Neil Woods appeals his conviction after trial by a judge and jury on the charge of first degree murder contrary to s. 235 of the Criminal Code. For the reasons that follow, I would dismiss the appeal.

  • R v T.F., 2019 SKCA 82

    [1]           The appellant, T.F. pled guilty to two counts of sexual assault, contrary to s. 271 of the Criminal Code, and two counts of sexual interference, contrary to s. 151. The victims were his daughters; one an infant, the other a toddler. The offences involved repeated and highly intrusive conduct, which went on for more than a year.

  • R v Ali, 2019 SKCA 83

    [1]           This appeal comes to us by way of s. 676(1)(b) of the Criminal Code. The Crown argues that the trial judge in the Court of Queen’s Bench improperly failed or refused to exercise jurisdiction on an indictment.

  • R v Ali, 2019 SKCA 83

    [1]           This appeal comes to us by way of s. 676(1)(b) of the Criminal Code. The Crown argues that the trial judge in the Court of Queen’s Bench improperly failed or refused to exercise jurisdiction on an indictment.

  • Fauser Energy Inc. v Skjerven, 2019 SKCA 81

    [1] We are in agreement with the reasons and the conclusion of the learned motions court judge and are of the view that this court is not in a position to now set aside a rule of the law merchant, which has been in existence and relied on by the business community for many years. The appeal is, accordingly, dismissed with costs.

  • City Centre Equities Inc. v Regina (City), 2019 SKCA 80

    [1]           City Centre Equities Inc. [City Centre] appeals from the decision of the Assessment Appeals Committee of the Saskatchewan Municipal Board [Committee] relating to s. 227 of The Cities Act, SS 2002, c C-11.1 [Act]. Section 227 of the Act provides that a decision of a board of revision [BOR] or the Committee in respect of an assessment for one year may be applied to the subsequent...

  • R v Hodgson, 2019 SKCA 79

    [1]           Ronald Hodgson entered a guilty plea to each of the following offences in the Provincial Court:

  • Input Capital Corp. v Gustafson, 2019 SKCA 78

    [1]           In this appeal, Input Capital Corp. [ICC] seeks to set aside the judgment of the Court of Queen’s Bench trial judge in Input Capital Corp. v Gustafson, 2018 SKQB 154 [Trial Decision]. Although the Trial Decision addresses 24 issues, the matters before us all relate, in one way or another, to the trial judge’s finding that a series of forward streaming contracts and security...

  • 994552 N.W.T. Ltd. v Kindersley (Town), 2019 SKCA 77
  • Peterson v Peterson, 2019 SKCA 76

    [1]       The parties are the parents of two children. The evidence at trial makes it clear they are loving, caring, and nurturing, parents. But for the parties attempting to accommodate their own individual life choices, it is expected they would not need judicial intervention in decisions regarding their children.

  • Cop v Saskatchewan Government Insurance, 2019 SKCA 75
  • R v Boehmer, 2019 SKCA 74
  • Veolia Water Technologies Inc. v K+S Potash Canada General Partnership, 2019 SKCA 73
  • Yashcheshen v University of Saskatchewan, 2019 SKCA 67
  • Gustafson v Future Four Agro Inc., 2019 SKCA 68
  • A.H. v Saskatchewan (Social Services), 2019 SKCA 70
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