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  • R. v. BEDARD, 2020 NBPC 5
  • R. c. GAUVIN, 2019 NBCP 16
  • R. v. GAUVIN, 2019 NBPC 16
  • R. v. Ford, 2020 NBPC 1

    [1]        M. R. CLOUTIER, PROV CT. J. : On June 14, 2019, John Paul Ford, pleaded guilty to the following charges under the Criminal Code of Canada:

  • R. v. Ford, 2019 NBPC 17

    [1]        M. R. CLOUTIER, PROV CT. J. : On June 14, 2019, John Paul Ford, pleaded guilty to the following charges under the Criminal Code of Canada:

  • Sa Majesté la Reine c. Angus Parlee, Kenneth Gioia et Keisha Rolfe, 2019 NBCP 13
  • R. v. Ege Sarp, 2019 NBPC 15
  • R. c. Ege Sarp, 2019 NBCP 15
  • R. v. Ryan, 2019 NBPC 11
  • R. v. GYURKO, 2019 NBPC 18

    [1]        Mr. John Gyurko is charged with assault causing bodily harm to Barbara Christine Leblanc contrary to s. 267(b) of the Criminal Code. Relying on the provisions of s. 34 of the Criminal Code, Mr. Gyurko argued that he was simply defending himself as Ms. Leblanc refused to leave his residence. He repeatedly urged the Court to accept that she threatened to kill him. As will be seen, there...

  • R. c. CAISSIE, 2019 NBCP 10

    [1]           M. Mitchell Caissie est accusé de deux chefs de voies de fait graves sur la personne de Julian Milliea.  La poursuite les présente comme des chefs d’accusation subsidiaires et ne demande donc une déclaration de culpabilité qu’à l’égard de l’un des deux.  M. Caissie aurait commis des voies de fait graves en infligeant des blessures et en mettant une vie en danger, les deux chefs se...

  • R. v. CAISSIE, 2019 NBPC 10

    [1]       Mr. Mitchell Caissie is charged with two counts of aggravated assault on the person of Julian Milliea.  The prosecution advances these as alternative counts and consequently seeks a conviction on only one of the two.  The allegations are aggravated assault by wounding and by endangering life, both counts under section 268(2) of the Criminal Code.  The accused states he acted in self-defe

  • R. v. MEZBANI, 2019 NBPC 12

    [1]       Afsanneh Mezbani, Shaqayeq Mezbani and Neida Mezbani are charged with a summary offence that on October 27, 2017, while acting together, at the Town of Rothesay, Province of New Brunswick, they assaulted Bailey Magee with a baseball bat contrary to s. 267(a) of the Criminal Code.  

  • R. v. Justin MacDonald, 2019 NBPC 7

    [1] The Defendant is charged with possession of lobster in a closed lobster fishing area (LFA) contrary to s. 57(1)(b) of the Atlantic Fishery Regulations under the federal Fisheries Act.  The specific charge is:       

  • R. v. Lena Marie Canning, 2019 NBPC 6

    [1] The Accused is charged with 3 counts under section 145 of the C.C chronically listed as follows

  • R. v. Dean Perry, 2019 NBPC 5

    [1] The Accused is charged under s. 145(5)(b) of the Criminal Code , that is failure to appear in Court on May 16,2018

  • R. v. Dean Perry, 2019 NBPC 4

    [1] The Accused is charged with having, between November 17 and 19, 2017 sexually assaulted the complainant at or near Marshall Hill, Kings Co, N.B. contrary to s. 271(b) of the Cr Code

  • R. v. Jared Grant Sacobie, 2019 NBPC 3

    [1] The Accused is charged under s. 343(c), contrary to s. 344 (1)(b) of the Criminal Code with assault with intent to steal.  The offence is alleged to have taken place on August 13, 2018 at Fredericton N.B.

  • R. v. Shane Williams, 2019 NBPC 1

    [1] The accused has pled guilty to two charges:

  • R. v. Shawn GOVANG, 2018 NBPC 7

    [1] The Accused is charged in one information with 5 charges, all alleged to have been committed in the month of March 2018.  The counts are as follows:

  • R. c. Murphy, 2018 NBCP 5

    [1]           La défense a soulevé deux questions en l’espèce.

  • R. v. Murphy, 2018 NBPC 5

    [1]           Two issues were raised by the defence in this case.

  • R. v. ORSER, 2018 NBPC 2

    [1]       The accused stands charged with sexually assaulting A.B. Credibility of the complainant is the central issue before the Court. On the singular facts of this case, what, if anything, does evidence that the complainant was best friends with the accused’s ex-girlfriend tell the trier of fact about the sexual assault allegations? The answer is simple - nothing.

  • R. v. K.L., 2018 NBPC 3

    [1]       MARCO R. CLOUTIER, PROV. CRT J.: This case is a poignant testament to the harm suffered by five young children as a result of their parents’ neglect and failure to address their  needs and to provide them with the most basic care. But what’s more troubling is the fact that this is not a case of parents failing briefly to provide adequate care or an isolated

  • R. c. Gendarmerie royale du Canada, 2018 NBCP 1

    [1]    Le 29 septembre 2017, au terme d’un long procès, j’ai déclaré la Gendarmerie royale du Canada (GRC) coupable de ne pas avoir veillé à la santé et à la sécurité de ses membres, du fait qu’elle n’avait pas mis à leur disposition un équipement approprié de recours à la force et une formation connexe sur son utilisation en vue d’interventions contre une menace active...

  • R. v. The Royal Canadian Mounted Police, 2018 NBPC 1

    [1]  On September 29, 2017, following a lengthy, trial I convicted the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (the “RCMP”) of failing to ensure the health and safety of its members by failing to provide appropriate use of force equipment and related training when responding to an active threat or active shooter event contrary to Section 124 of Part II of the Canada Labour Code (the

  • R. v. LOGAN, 2017 nbpc 8

    [1] This case gives another perspective to the W.(D.) analysis: What is the proper response to an assessment by a trier of fact when both the evidence of the accused and the complainant are equally plausible? Better still, can a trier of fact believe that both the accused and the complainant are telling the truth as they recall the events and yet, be left with a reasonable doubt as to the guilt...

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