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  • R. v. Morin, 2019 SKPC 69
  • R. v. Francis, 2019 SKPC 67
  • R. v. Badger, 2019 SKPC 65
  • R. v. ADB, 2019 SKPC 60
  • Justin Fall (Advanced Roofing Ltd.) v Wollner, 2019 SKPC 66
  • R. v. F.K., 2019 SKPC 59
  • Fall (Advanced Roofing Ltd.) v Wollner, 2019 SKPC 62

    [1]        The plaintiff brings this action to recover payment for goods and services that were provided to the defendant pursuant to a roofing contract. The amount sought equates to the sum of $8,769.00. This, in accordance with an estimate given to the defendant which identifies the scope of the work that was to be completed. It is inclusive of PST and GST. The plaintiff also seeks interest on...

  • Reid v. Leader, 2019 SKPC 61
  • R. v. Fire Sand Real Estate Ltd., 2019 SKPC 54
  • R. v. RC, 2019 SKPC 51

    [1]           RC was convicted following trial of sexual interference and sexual assault contrary to sections 151 and 271 of the Criminal Code.  A Pre-Sentence Report [PSR] containing Gladue factors was obtained.  Sentencing submissions were made on July 11, 2019.  These are my reasons for sentence.

  • R. v. McAdam, 2019 SKPC 56

    [1]           Mr. Daniel McAdam stands charged with two counts of unauthorized possession of ammunition. The ammunition was found following a warrantless search of the motor vehicle he was operating on April 17, 2019. Mr. McAdam was arrested for dangerous operation when he was discovered crouched down and hiding in the area of the driver’s seat of a motor vehicle of interest to the police. The...

  • Reid v. Leader, 2019 SKPC 55

    [1]       Ms. Reid is suing to recover a vehicle which she says she lent to Ms. Leader on the understanding that the vehicle would be returned to her on demand. She alleges that she formally asked Ms. Leader to return the vehicle but Ms. Leader refused and continues to refuse to do so. In the interim, Ms. Reid has been making payments on the loan that she had incurred to purchase the vehicle and...

  • R. v. Keenatch, 2019 SKPC 38
  • R. v. Mushanski, 2019 SKPC 52

    [1]           Brandon Mushanski comes before this Court having entered a guilty plea to the charge that on or about August 19, 2018, he did have the care, charge or control of a vehicle that was involved in an accident with another person and knowing that bodily harm was caused to Jamie Strongeagle, another person involved in the accident, with intent to escape civil or criminal liability, did...

  • Vogel v. Saskatchewan Power Corporation, 2019 SKPC 49

    [1]   The plaintiffs allege that they are the owners of two residential duplex homes located at 2077A and 2077B Osler Street, in Regina. Saskatchewan Power Corporation (hereafter “SaskPower”) is a Crown Corporation governed by The Power Corporation Act, RSS 1978, c P-19, (hereafter the “Act”). It provides electrical services to its customers and the plaintiffs are two of these customers.

  • R. v. Springett, 2019 SKPC 48
  • R v Rohovich, 2019 SKPC 47
  • R. v. W.M., 2019 SKPC 50
  • Roy v Roy, 2019 SKPC 45

    [1]       The parties to this action are self-represented. Brett Roy is Donald Roy’s adult son. Brett transferred ownership of a 2004 Toyota Solara to Donald (hereafter “Don”) on or about March 26, 2016. He now seeks return of that vehicle or alternatively payment of the sum of $5,000.00, together with prejudgment interest and costs.

  • R. v. A.M., 2019 SKPC 46
  • R v Green, 2019 SKPC 44
  • R v. Badger, 2019 SKPC 43
  • R v Yates, 2019 SKPC 41
  • R v Ballantyne, 2019 SKPC 32
  • R v Superior General Partner Inc., 2019 SKPC 40
  • R. v. Ford, 2019 SKPC 26

    [1]           Crystal Ford and Clark Protz are charged with unlawfully possessing methamphetamine and cocaine for the purpose of trafficking on December 10, 2018 near Yorkton, contrary to s. 5(2) of the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act [CDSA].  Ms. Ford, as well, is charged with breaching an undertaking by possessing non-prescription drugs.

  • Kals v. Dhillon and Dhillon, 2019 SKPC 25

    [1]           The plaintiff Gurpartap Singh Kals has brought a claim against the defendants Kuldip Dhillon and Gurdip Dhillon for the balance owing on a $12,000.00 loan he alleges he made to the defendants to assist them in their purchase of a house.

  • R. v. Sidhu, 2019 SKPC 19

    [1]           On April 6, 2018, at approximately 5:00 p.m., a catastrophic collision occurred between a

  • Eiserman v. Rural Municipality of Maple Creek #111, 2019 SKPC 17

    [1]           The plaintiff has sued the defendant municipality for payment of an indemnity and supervision claim from 2016 when he was reeve.  The defendant denied payment for the portion which the municipality asserts was for supervision duties from which the reeve was removed.  The defence also suggests this court has no jurisdiction to order a payment rising from a motion of council made...

  • R. v. Olynick, 2019 SKPC 16

    [1]        Brendan Olynick is charged with making an arrangement with another person to commit sexual offences against an eleven-year-old girl. Specifically, Mr. Olynick is charged with one count under s.172.2(1)(b) of the Criminal Code. This section prohibits, by means of telecommunication, the making of an agreement or arrangement with a person to commit an enumerated secondary offence with...

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