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  • R. v. G.G.,

    [1]           The criminal trial process can be invasive, humiliating, and degrading for victims of sexual offences, in part because myths and stereotypes continue to haunt the criminal justice system. Historically, trials provided few if any protections for complainants. More often than not, they could expect to have the minutiae of their lives...

  • Simpson et al. v. Harbour Authority of Savage Habour, Doyle, and AG of Canada (DFO),

    Duty of care. Law of negligence. Scope of liability for the tort of intentional interference in economic interests

  • Murl v. Prince Edward Island,

    Civil action. Limitation period. Costs in the proceeding. Notice requirement

  • R. v. Cooke,

    Conditional sentence order. Sentence order. Dangerous driving causing death. Serious criminal offence. Bodily harm

  • R. v. Coleman,

    Criminal law. Detention pending trial. Charges for sexual assault with a weapon. Justice of the peace

  • Clark v. 100265 P.E.I. Inc.,

    Summary judgment. Standard of care. Hearsay rule in the law of evidence. Genuine issue

  • D.M. v. S.J.,

    Shared parenting arrangement. Interim custody of children. Parenting time. Status quo. Interests of the child

  • Thane Douglas Simmons v. R.,

    Criminal offence. Probable grounds. Appeal resources on the issue of the reasonableness of the arrest. Drug trafficking. Text messages

  • Island Fitness v. Calmac and MacKinnon,

    Duty of fair dealing. Summary judgment. Franchise agreement. Pricing changes. Disclosure document. Genuine issue

  • DCP v. C.S., J.K. et al,

    Child protection. Sexual abuse. Abuse allegations. Plan of care. Mental health records. Group home

  • King v. Charlottetown (City) and Shaw's Towing,

    Reasonable expectation for costs. Judgment for an award of damages. Successful party. Offer to settle. Storage fees

  • R. v. M.A.M.,

    Grounds of appeal. Sentencing hearing. Criminal law. Appointment of counsel. Interests of justice

  • Re Shaw,

    Legal interest in the properties. Statutory authority for registration. Family law act. Document in question. Common law. Law relationship

  • R. v. Cooke,

    Offence of dangerous driving. Speed limit. Contributing cause of the bodily harm. Reasonable person

  • Cameron et al. v. Campbell Lea et al.,

    Lawyer of record in a civil proceeding. Personal representative for the estate. Statement of defence. Law firm

  • MacKenzie v. MacKenzie,

    Indemnity costs. Applicant claims partial indemnity fees. Consideration of a substantial indemnity award

  • R.E. v. S.J.L.,

    Parental alienation. Family violence. Arbitral award. Divorce act. Burden of proof. Relationship with the father

  • Redmond v. Walsh, 2022 PECA 15

    Property in joint ownership of the parties. Partition on terms. Consideration of legal principles. Adjacent land. Relevant evidence

  • E.K.C. v. R. P. M, 2022 PESC 43

    Family health. Shared parenting. Child support. Maintenance enforcement

  • Waite v. R., 2022 PECA 14

    Conditional sentence order. Criminal record. Grounds of appeal. Public interest

  • R. v. Langley, 2022 PESC 41

    Search warrants. Informer privilege. Criminal record. Confidential informants. Reasonable grounds. Leave requirement

  • C.M. v. A.T., 2022 PESC 40

    Contempt motion. Pension administrator. Indemnity costs. Counsel for the wife. Proof of age documentation. Application fee

  • R. v. Vautour, 2022 PECA 12

    Lawful arrest. Misapprehension of evidence. Probable grounds. Conviction after trial for possession of cocaine for the purpose of trafficking cocaine

  • Ayangma v. Amfoubalela, 2022 PECA 11

    Default judgment. Reasonable apprehension of bias. Affidavit of service. Statement of claim

  • Madden v. Project Gabriel Inc. and Haan, 2022 PESC 39

    Summary judgment. Breach of contract. Unjust enrichment. Innocent party. Affidavit evidence. Genuine issue

  • Ayangma v. PEITF and PEI HRC, 2022 PECA 10

    Partial indemnity costs on the appeal for fees in the sum. Security for costs

  • J.D. v. B.J.T. et al, 2022 PESC 38

    [1] I recognize that there has been a shift from the terminology of    “custody” and “access” to such terms as “decision-making responsibility” and “parenting time”. This shift is codified in some            legislation, including the new Divorce Act, R.S.C. 1985, c. 3 (2nd           Supp.),...

  • H.R. v. J.B., 2022 PESC 37

    Care on the child. Parenting time. Family violence. Attend school

  • Waite v. R, 2022 PECA 9

    Legal assistance. Complexity of the appeal. Application dismissed. Interests of justice

  • J.M. v. L.C., 2022 PESC 35

    Contempt of the divorce judgment. Child support. Maintenance enforcement. Retroactive award

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