Anatomy of an Election. Canada’s Federal General Election of 2019 Through the Lens of Political Law

Irwin Law Inc.
Publication date:


Featured on The Hill Times’ 100 Best Books in 2020 list. Elections are the high point of democracy. They provide scheduled opportunities for the people at large to have a participatory voice in their own government. They enable adult citizens to judge those who have governed them recently, to select those whom they want to govern them in the near future, and to give renewed direction to their own country. Contrary to impressions generated by the media, it is a reality of democracy that elections are neither solely political events nor personality contests. In fact, elections are the ultimate blend of constitutionalism, politics, public law, and public policy. Anatomy of an Election takes a comprehensive and interdisciplinary look at Canada’s 2019 federal election as an example of a democratic election. This book is unique in its explanation of elections and electioneering. It sets the scene by enumerating the foundational elements of Canada’s electoral system, focusing on the constitutional principles, the legislation, and the major court judgments. It then traces the flow of political legal events since 2015 that have led to the forty-third general election. Most importantly, this text provides a day-by-day diary that records the most important political and legal events throughout the campaign. Anatomy of an Election does not favour any party or candidate and is designed to inform Canadian citizens about the electoral process and its fundamental importance in the public life of the country

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