Canada's Laws on Import and Export. An Overview

Irwin Law Inc.
Publication date:


This book provides a comprehensive overview of legislation dealing with customs, customs tariffs, free trade agreements, anti-dumping measures, prohibited subsidies, Kimberley Process, cultural property, and other statutes regulating Canada’s international trade. Important illustrative decisions of the Canadian International Trade Tribunal and of the courts, as well as decisions of the NAFTA and WTO panels, are discussed to aid understanding of the interpretation by these bodies of statutory provisions. The book will be of special interest to importers, foreign exporters, customs brokers, trade law practitioners, and those engaged in international trade and commerce, as well as to Canada’s current and potential free trade partner countries. The author’s previous works in this field include eleven editions of the Annotated Customs Act (Carswell, 1991–2012), and three editions of Customs and Excise Laws of Canada (Carswell, 1983–2004) in 8 CED (Ontario).

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