Essential Sources of Canadian Law

Irwin Law Inc.
Publication date:



Following the premise that legal research should begin with secondary sources, John Eaton and Denis Le May have compiled a bibliographic reference to the most authoritative secondary sources in French and English. The book is arranged according to topic, with 105 topics cross-referred between French and English, and includes both civil and common law sources. This unique work will be applicable throughout the entire country — geographically, linguistically, and juridically. Each topic includes a short descriptor, orienting the reader to the nature of the topic and to its jurisdictional fundamentals as it is often important to know which entities are the ultimate creators of the statutes, regulations, and jurisprudence associated with the topic. Each of these topic descriptors is provided in English and in French. This work will be of interest to a wide range of potential users, including Canadian legal researchers, scholars, librarians, and students. It will also serve as a valuable tool for those less familiar with Canadian legal resources and who need assistance in determining where to look for sources on their topic of interest. Self-represented litigants, public libraries, and non-Canadian legal researchers are just a few examples of groups who could put this work to good use.

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