• Toothless Watchdogs. Insider Trading Regulation and Enforcement in Canada and China

Lambert Academic Publishing
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(Hongming Cheng is currently an assistant professor of sociology at the University of Saskatchewan in Canada. His research and teaching interests center on the issues of white-collar crime, securities regulation, international and comparative criminal justice, criminal law, corporations, as well as Chinese law and society.)


This book examines insider trading regulation in Canada and China from a socio-legal perspective. It compares the social, political, economic, and legal origins of insider trading regulation and enforcement in the two countries. The book begins with a historical account of insider trading legislation and policies in Canada (since the Kimber Report of 1965-66) and China (since the Provisional Measures Controlling Securities Firms of 1990). The central focus is on insider trading enforcement mechanisms. Major administrative and court cases are discussed in detail to illustrate how the insider trading offense is constructed in the different contexts of the established capitalist system in Canada and the "socialist market economy" in China, and how the securities regulatory commissions in the two nations have worked to enforce insider trading laws.

MATERIAS: insider trading, Law, Regulationstheorie, Enforcement, Canada., China