Wigmore on Nicotine and its Drug Delivery Systems

Irwin Law Inc.
Publication date:


Wigmore on Nicotine is the third book in the author’s trilogy of the forensic toxicology and medicolegal aspects of alcohol, cannabis, and now nicotine. Maintaining the same high standards and superb organization of his other books, it is an indispensable source for medical and legal practitioners seeking relevant information about nicotine. Of the three drugs, nicotine is the most poisonous, toxic, and addictive. Explore the fascinating world of nicotine, a neurotoxin and pesticide, and how it has been promoted by the tobacco industry in its many forms and drug delivery systems, including smokeless tobacco, e-cigarettes (JUUL), waterpipes, bidis, and IQOS. Nicotine is a drug that has been mainly ignored by forensic laboratories and by medicolegal professionals, although it is associated with accidental poisonings, driving impairment, house fires, suicides, and homicides. High-potency nicotine liquids sold on the internet as e-liquids make this drug readily available to the general public and will increase its medicolegal significance.

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