1016824 Ontario Ltd. v. Broadhurst et al., [2004] O.T.C. 1125 (SC)

JudgeJ.E. Ferguson, J.
CourtSuperior Court of Justice of Ontario (Canada)
Case DateDecember 21, 2004
Citations[2004] O.T.C. 1125 (SC)

1016824 Ont. Ltd. v. Broadhurst, [2004] O.T.C. 1125 (SC)

MLB headnote and full text

Temp. Cite: [2005] O.T.C. TBEd. JA.009

1016824 Ontario Limited v. Peter Broadhurst, Broadhurst Main, Home Savings & Loan Corporation and John Baranyai

(Newmarket Court File No. 57012-00)

Indexed As: 1016824 Ontario Ltd. v. Broadhurst et al.

Court of Ontario

Superior Court of Justice

J.E. Ferguson, J.

December 21, 2004.


This headnote contains no summary.

Mortgages - Topic 4207

Mortgagor's rights - General - Right of first refusal - See paragraphs 1 to 11.

Cases Noticed:

Arnold v. Bronstein et al., [1971] 1 O.R. 467 (H.C.), refd to. [para. 7, footnote 7].

Logozzo v. Toronto-Dominion Bank (1999), 126 O.A.C. 59; 45 O.R.(3d) 737 (C.A.), refd to. [para. 7, footnote 8].


Patrick Di Monte, for the plaintiff;

Roy Wise, for the defendant, John Baranyai.

This motion was heard before J.E. Ferguson, J., of the Ontario Superior Court. The following decision was endorsed on the record and released on December 21, 2004.

Please note: The following judgment has not been edited.

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