AuthorCraig Forcese; Kent Roach
ATA Anti-terrorism Act ()
CBSA Canada Border Ser vices Agency
CIA Central Intelligence Agency (US)
CSE Communications Security Establishment
CSE Commissioner Communications Security Establishment’s review
CSIS Canadian Security Intelligence Service
CSIS Act Canadian Security Intelligence Service Act
CVE counter–violent extremism
FBI Federal Bureau of Investigation (US)
FISA Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act of 1978 (US)
FLQ Front de libération du Québec
ISIS Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, also k nown as the
Islamic State of Iraq and the Leva nt or ISIL
MI Security Service (UK)
NATO North Atla ntic Treaty Organization
PCO Privy Council Oce
RCMP Royal Canadian Mounted Police
SIRC Security Intelligence Review Committee, the
Canadian Security Intelligence Service’s review
SoCIS Act Security of Canada Information Sharing Act, part of
Bill C-

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