AuthorJoseph Rikhof/Robert J Currie
ABCA Alberta Court of Appe al
ABPC Alber ta Provi ncial Court
ABQB Alberta Queen’s Bench
AC Appeals Chamber
AC Appeal Courts (U K)
AFCtH R Africa n Court of Justice and Huma n Rights
AFRC Ar med Forces Revolutionary C ouncil
AJICJ Afr ican Journal of International C rimina l Justice
AJIL Americ an Journal of Inter national Law
AP I First Protocol to the Geneva Conventions
AP II Second Protocol to the Geneva Conventio ns
APC All People’s Cong ress
ASP Assembly of St ates Parties to t he International Crimin al
ATP Authorit y to Proceed
AU Afric an Union
BCCA Briti sh Columbia Court of Appea l
BCPC British Columbi a Provincial Court
BCSC British Columbia Supreme Cour t
CAH Act Crimes Against Humanity and War Crimes Act [Ca nad a]
CAT United Nat ions Convention against Torture
CBSA Canadi an Border Serv ices Agency
CC Criminal Code

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