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AuthorDavid Vaver
David Vaver, MA (Oxon.), BA, LLB (Auck.), JD (Chicago), was appointed
Professor of Intellectual Propert y law at Osgoode Hal l Law School of
York University, Toronto, in 2009 and is a board member of IP Osgoode.
He is the Emeritus Reuters Professor of Intellectual Property and Infor-
mation Technology Law in the University of Oxford, an emeritus fellow
of St. Peter’s College, and the former director of the Oxford Intellectual
Property Research Centre. He has researched and t aught intel lectual
property law for forty ye ars, prev iously at Osgoode, the University of
British Columbia, and the University of Auckla nd.
Professor Vaver founded the Intellectual Property Journal which he
currently also edits, and is associated with the Chambers of Michael
Silverleaf QC, 11 South Square, Gray’s In n, London. P rofessor Vaver
has w ritten extensively on national and intellect ual propert y law and
policy, and his work is frequently cited by courts and legal writers. He
was the author of the f‌irst edition of this work and of Copyright Law
(2000), both in Ir win Law’s Essentials of Canadian Law Series, a co-
editor (with Marcel Boyer & Michael Trebilcock) of Competition Policy
and Intellectual Property (Irw in Law, 2009), and editor of a f‌ive-volume
collection of writings, Intellectual Propert y Rights: Critical Concepts in
Law (Routledge, 2006).
To mark his retirement from the University of Oxford, Professor
Vaver was presented in 2010 with a Festschrift edited by Catherine Ng,
Lionel Bently, and Giuseppina D’Agostino, The Common Law of Intellec-
tual Property: Essays in Honour of Professor David Vaver (H art Publish-
ing, 2010).

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