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AuthorJames G. Wigmore
About the Author
James G. Wigmore worked as a forensic alcohol toxicologist at one of
the foremost laboratories in North America—the Centre of Forensic
Sciences, in Toronto, Ontario—from  until his retirement in .
He obtained his honors B.Sc. from the University of Toronto in . He
is a designated analyst under section () of the Criminal Code of Can-
ada and was a member of the national adv isory board, the Alcohol Test
Committee (which advises the federal Department of Justice on breath
and blood alcohol testing), from  to . Wigmore has testif‌ied in
over  criminal tr ials at various levels of court as well as civil and
coroner cases, and has published more than  ar ticles in the f‌ield of
forensic alcohol toxicology. He was the recipient in October  of the
most prestigious award of the Canadia n Society of Forensic Sciences,
the Derome Award, which recognizes outstanding contributions to the
f‌ield of forensic science. In , Wigmore became a faculty member of
the Center of Studies for Law in Action, and he lectures at the Borken-
stein Course at Indiana University i n Bloomington, Indiana .

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