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AuthorJohn H. Currie
John H. Currie is a law professor in the Faculty of Law at the Univer-
sity of Ott awa, where he teaches inter national law, the use of force by
states, the law of armed conf‌l ict, torts, and constitutional law. He h as
degrees from the Universit ies of Toronto, Ottawa, and Cambridge, and
litigated for several ye ars with Lang Michener LLP in Toronto and Ot-
tawa. From 2004 to 2006, Professor Currie was Scholar i n Residence
in the L egal Affairs Bureau of Canada’s Department of Foreign A ffairs
and International Trade where he worked pr imarily on international
crimina l and humanitari an law issues. In that capacity, he represented
Canada b efore a number of UN and other bodies, includi ng the Inter-
national Criminal Tribun al for the Former Yugoslavia. An As sistant
Editor of the Canadian Yearbook of International Law and Past-Pres-
ident of the Canadian Council on International Law, Professor Currie
is t he author or co-author of seven books, including (with Professors
Craig Forcese and Valerie Ooster veld) International Law: Doctrine,
Practice, and Theor y (Irwi n Law, 2007). His research interests include
the use of force by states, international humanitar ian law, extraterritor-
ial jur isdiction, t he domestic reception of international law, maritime
boundary delim itation, and international criminal l aw.

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