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AuthorM.H. Ogilvie
ProfessionChancellor's Professor and Professor of Law, Carleton University
M.H. Ogilv ie is Professor of Law and Chancellor’s Professor at Carleton
University in Ottawa, and a member of the Bars of Ontario and Nova
Scotia. Dr. Ogilvie is a graduate of Trinity College, Toronto, the Uni-
versity of Oxford, and Dalhousie University, and has been a Visiting
Scholar at the Universities of Edinburgh, Emor y, Oxford, Toronto, and
twice at Princeton Theological Seminary. She was elected a Fellow of
the Royal Society of Canad a in 1993; awarded the David W. Mundell
Medal in 1996; the Law Society Medal i n 2001; and an LL.D. (h.c.) by
the Law Society of Upper Canad a in 2008. She was the f‌irst Chan-
cellor’s Professor appointed at Carleton University in 2002. She was
invested with the Order of Ontario in 2008 and awarded the Queen
Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal in 2012. Dr. Ogilvie is the author
of numerous books and articles on bank ing law in Canad ian and inter-
national law journals and is a member of the editori al boards of the
Banking and Finance Law Review, Journal of Business L aw, and the
Banking Law Specialist Editor of the Can adian Busines s Law Journal.
Dr. Ogilvie has been cited frequently by Canadian appell ate courts as
a legal authority in the f‌ield of banking law. She was a director of the
Canadian Payments Association from 2002 to 2011.

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