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AuthorMohan Prabhu
About the Author
Mohan Prabhu worked as a senior counsel with the Canadian Department
of Justice prior to his retirement, and in that capacity gained experience in
regulatory matters, especially in the f‌ields of bankruptcy, environment, and
customs and excise. He was the architect of the federal administrative mon-
etary penalties system adopted in 1995, f‌irst by Agriculture and Agri-Food
Canada and subsequently by Revenue Canada (Customs and Excise), Environ-
ment Canada, and other federal departments.
Prior to joining the federal government, he taught law in Toronto and
Dr Prabhu was the editor of the Annotated Customs Act from 1991 to
2012, and of the chapter on Customs and Excise Laws of Canada in the Can-
adian Encyclopedic Digest (Ontario) from 1993 to 2004.
Mohan Prabhu holds undergraduate and graduate degrees from the
University of Bombay; an LLM with distinction from the University of Lon-
don, England; and a doctorate of law from the University of Ottawa. He was
called to the bars in India, England, and Canada, from which he has now
retired. He was awarded the rank of Queen’s Counsel in 1990.

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