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AuthorHoward Epstein
Howard Epstein is a Nova Scotia lawyer who has pract ised, taught, and
written about land use planning law for decades. His env ironmental
and municipal interests led to hi s involvement in precedent-setting ma-
jor Halifax land-use cases in t he 1970s and 1980s. He has worked in
Ottawa and in Toronto. He has long been a contributor to the Munici-
pal and Planning L aw Reports, with case comments in its f‌ir st volume
in 1976–77, as well as contributing contemporary articles exploring
the land-use effects of some inter national trade tre aties, Federal land-
use powers, and the sustainability potentia l of local governments. Mr
Epstein was elected to Halifax’s city council in 1994 and to the council
of Halifax Regional Municipality upon amalgamation in 1996. Subse-
quently, he was elected as a member of the Nova Scotia legislature for
f‌ive terms. He taught land use and l and use planning law at Dalhousie
University’s Schulich School of Law from 1998 through 2013 as an ad-
junct member of the Faculty of Law and of the School of Planning.

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