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AuthorRobert G. Howell
ProfessionProfessor. Faculty of Law University of Victoria British Columbia
Robert Howell ha s taught i n t he Facult y of Law at the University of
Victoria, British Columbia, since 1980. He has taught property in the
f‌irst-year program since that time, but in 1985 he focused his research
and prim arily t aught intellectual propert y law and policy. The impact
of technological change led h im to expand his specialization into tele-
communications law and policy, and to private i nternational law, in-
itially it s link age with technology and intellectual propert y but, si nce
2003, across all di mensions of this subject. Professor Howell has also
done research on and taught courses in managing intellectual propert y
and he has pre sented summer term programs in intellectu al property
law, including the International Intellectual Property Summer Program
from 2002 to 2007, alternating in venue between Victoria and Oxford.
Professor Howell has published nationally and inter nationally in his
areas of specialization and has organi zed and participated in nationa l
and international conferences and seminars. In 1999 he co-authored
(with Linda Vincent and Michael Man son) a national coursebook —
Intellectual Property Law, Cases and Mater ials; and in 1998 and 20 02
he completed Reports on Database Protection and Canadian Laws for In-
dustry Canada and Canadian Heritage. In 2008, Profess or Howell was
appointed for a f‌ive-year term on the Board of the British Columbia Law
Institute, the principal l aw reform entity in British Columbia.

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