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AuthorSteve Coughlan
Steve Coughla n is a professor of law at the Schulich School of Law,
Dalhousie University in Halifax, where he has taught since 1991. He
received an LLB from Dalhousie Law School and a PhD in philosophy
from the University of Toronto, both in 1985. He has practised law w ith
the Metro Community Law Clinic and with the Dalhousie Legal Aid
Service, and worked with t he criminal procedure project of the Law
Reform Commission of Canad a. His areas of teach ing have included
crimina l law and procedure, constitutional law, health law, and appel-
late advocacy. Professor Coughlan has received teachi ng awards at the
faculty, university, and regional levels, including the Dalhousie Law
School Teaching Excellence Award, the Hannah and Harold Bar nett
Award for Excellence in Teaching First Year Law, the Dalhousie Uni-
versity Alumni As sociation Award of Excellence for Teaching, and the
Association of Atlantic Universities Disting uished Teacher Award. His
students have won many prizes at competitive moots, including first
place overall in the Commonwealth Law Moot.
Professor Coughlan is an ed itor of the Criminal Reports and an
author of the National Judicial Institute Criminal Law e-Letter. He is
one of the authors of the Carswell Annual Review of Criminal Law, of
Learning Canadian Criminal Law (as of the 10th edition), of Law Beyond
Borders, and of Detention and Arrest, among other books. In add ition, he
is a member of the Law and Technology Institute at the Schulich School
of Law and is an author of the CanTech newsletter on law and tech-
nology issues. The majority of his more than 200 articles, an notations,

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