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AuthorAllan C. Hutchinson
Allan C. Hutchinson LL.B. (Hons.) (London), LL.M. (Manchester),
LL.D. (Manchester), F.R.S.C., Barrister of Gray’s Inn, and of the Bar of
Ontario. A member of Osgoode Hall Law School’s faculty since 1982,
Professor Hutchinson was recently elected to the Royal Society of Can-
ada and made a Disti nguished Rese arch Professor of York University.
He is currently Ass ociate Dean (Research, Graduate Studies and Exter-
nal Relations). Professor Hutchinson is a legal theorist with an inter-
national reputation for his orig inal and provocative w ritings. As well
as publishing in most of the common-law world’s leading law journals,
he has written or edited m any books, including The Civil Litigation Pro-
cess (Toronto: Emond-Montgomery, 2005). Much of his work has been
devoted to examining t he failure of law to live up to its democratic
promise. His most recent publications are Evolution and the Common
Law (New York: Cambridge University Pres s, 2005) and The Companies
We Keep: Corporate Governance for a Democratic Society (Toronto: Irwi n
Law, 2005).

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