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AuthorJames G. Wigmore
About the Author
James Wigmore worked as a senior forensic toxicologist in one of the
foremost forensic laboratories in North America, The Centre of Foren-
sic Sciences, in Toronto, Ontario, for over twenty–nine years. He is a
designated analyst under section () of the Criminal Code of Canada
and was a member of a national advisory board, the Alcohol Test Com-
mittee (which advises the federal Department of Justice on breath and
blood alcohol testing), from  to . Wigmore has testif‌ied in over
 criminal trials at various levels of court across Canada as well as in
civil (personal injury) and coroner’s cases. He has published over sixty
scientif‌ic articles on the forensic aspects of alcohol and cannabis, and his
publications have been cited by the Supreme Court of Canada and the
High Court of South Africa. He taught at the Center of Studies for Law
in Action (the Borkenstein course) at Indiana University in Bloomington,
Indiana from  to . He was the recipient of the most prestigious
award of the Canadian Society of Forensic Sciences, the Prix Derome
Award, which recognizes outstanding contributions to the f‌ield of foren-
sic science. He was a member of the Health Canada Expert Panel on “Your
Cannabis Questions Answered, Get the Honest Facts” in April , and
he has appeared on numerous TV and Radio shows. Wigmore on Nicotine
is his fourth book.

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