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AuthorRonald C.C. Cuming, Catherine Walsh, Roderick Wood
Professor Ronald CC Cuming teaches at the College of Law, Univer-
sity of Saskatchewan. The focus of his academic work over a career
of forty-six years (to date) has been on research that provides the
basis for reform of Canadian and international commerci al law. His
primary motivation has been to engage in legal research and analy-
sis that is inf‌luential beyond the academic community. His goal has
been to have his work induce signif‌icant benef‌icial changes in national
and international law. His recommendations have been incorporated
in Canadian federa l law and the law of nine provinces and territories
of Canada. He participated in the development of three private inter-
national law conventions. One of these, proposed by him and in the
development of which he played a central role, has resulted in the cre-
ation of a world-scale legal structure for secured f‌inancing that has no
antecedents in the histor y of international law.
Professor Cuming has acted as a con sultant to international de-
velopment agencies including the World Bank (Washington), the
United Nations Commission on International Trade Law (Vienna),
the International In stitute for the Unif‌ication of Private Law (Rome),
the Asian Development Bank (Mani la), the Organization of American
States (Washington), and the United States Agency for International
Development (Washington). His work has principally involved advis-
ing national governments in the design of legal structures that facili-
tate economic development in countries including countries in E astern
European, the Middle East, Latin America, and Af rica.
Professor Cuming’s work in the form of journal articles and books
has been extensively quoted, and his analysis h as been applied many

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