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AuthorJohn H. Currie, Craig Forcese, Joanna Harrington, Valerie Oosterveld
John H. Currie is a professor in the Faculty of Law at the University of Ottawa, w here
he teaches, inter alia, public international law, the use of force by states, and the law of
armed conf‌lict. He is also an adjunct research professor in the Norman Paterson School
of International Affairs at Carleton University. The holder of degrees in astronomy and
physics from the University of Toronto, and in law from the universities of Ottawa and
Cambridge, Professor Currie is editor-in-chief of The Canadian Yearbook of International
Law and the author or co-author of several books. His research and writing interests in-
clude various aspects of public international law, with a par ticular focus on its reception
in domestic legal systems. He has been scholar-in-residence in the Legal Af fairs Bureau
of Canada’s Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade, advising on mat ters
of international criminal and humanitarian law and representing Canada before a number
of UN bodies (including the International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia).
He is also a past president of the Canadian Council on International Law; has designed
and taught courses on public international law for the Canadian Foreign Service Institute;
and served as a member of the Canadian delegation to the 2010 Review Conference of the
Rome Statute of the International Criminal Cour t.
Craig Forcese is vice dean and associate professor in the Faculty of Law (Common Law
Section) at the University of Ottawa, where he teaches public international law, national
security law, administrative law, and public law and legislation, and runs the annual for-
eign policy practicum. Much of his present research and writing relates to international
law, national security, and democratic accountability. Prior to joining the law school fac-
ulty, he practiced law with the Washington DC off‌ice of Hughes Hubbard & Reed LLP, spe-
cializing in international trade law. Craig has law degrees from the University of Ottawa
and Yale University, a BA from McGill, and an MA in international affairs from the Nor-
man Paterson School of International Affairs, Carleton University. He is a member of the
bars of Ontario, New York, and the District of Columbia.
Joanna Harrington is a professor in the Faculty of Law at the University of Alberta, where
she teaches public international law and international cr iminal law, as well as constitu-
tional law when not serving as an associate dean with the Faculty of Graduate Studies and
Research. She has degrees from the universities of British Columbia (BA), Victoria (JD),
and Cambridge (PhD), and an Academy of European Law Diploma in Human Rights Law
from the European University Institute in Italy. Her research and writings often focus on
the interplay between international and domestic law, including the interplay between

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