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AuthorLesley A. Jacobs
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Les Jacobs is professor of law and society and political science, and director
of the Institute for Social Research at York University. He is also execu-
tive director of the Canadian Foru m on Civil Justice, the country’s leading
pan-Canadian t hink tank devoted to access-to-justice issues, housed at
Osgoode Hall Law School. He has held a range of distingu ished visiting
appointments at other universities, including Harvard Law School; the
Oxford Centre for Socio-Legal Studies; the Law Commission of Canada;
the University of California, Berkeley; the University of Toronto; Emory
University; and Waseda Law School, Tokyo. His many other books include
Rights and Deprivation (199 3); e Democ ratic Politics of Vision (1997); Pur-
suing Equal Opportunities (20 04); Balancing Competing Human Rights in
a Diverse Society (2012); and Linking Global Trade and Human Rights: New
Policy Space in Hard Economic Times (2014) .
Nachshon Goltz is a PhD student in the Graduate Program in Law at Os-
goode Hall Law School at York University.
Matthew McManus is a PhD student in the Graduate Program in Socio-
Legal Studies at York University.

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