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AuthorElaine L. Hughes, Arlene J. Kwasniak, Alastair R. Lucas
Elaine L Hughes is a Professor Emerita at the Faculty of Law, University
of Alberta, Edmonton.
Prior to joining the University of Alberta in 1989, she taught at
the University of New Brunsw ick Law Faculty, Fredericton, and spent
some time in private practice in Alber ta doing civil lit igation. Her de-
grees are a BSc (Special) in Zoology from t he University of Alberta
(1980), an LLB from that same university i n 1984, and an LLM from the
University of British Columbia in 1988.
Elaine has published numerous articles on a variety of environment-
al and natural res ource topics, and her books include The Price of Pollu-
tion: Environmental Litigation in Canada (1990) with Elizabet h Swanson,
co-author, and three editions of Environmental Law and Policy (199 3,
1998, and 2003) with Alastair Lucas and William Tilleman, co-editors.
In addition to her work in environmental education and litigation,
Elaine has intere sts in environmenta l rights, forestry, parks, mar ine
pollution, environmental offences, pesticides, animal welfa re, and
ecofeminist theory. She also works on internationa l environmental
issues and has participated in a number nat ional academic boards and
committees. She retired from the Alberta Bar in 200 8 and from the
University of Alberta in 2014.
Arlene J Kwasniak is a Professor Emerita at the Faculty of Law, Univer-
sity of Calgary, a Senior Research Fellow at the Canadian Inst itute of
Resources Law, and an Adjunct Professor at the University of Calgar y,

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