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AuthorJulien D. Payne/Marilyn A. Payne
About the Authors
Julien D Payne, CM, QC, L LD, LSM, FRSC, is one of Canad a’s pre-eminent
family law spec ialists, and has been c alled the architect of the Un ied Family
Court and the no-fau lt divorce. He has taught family law at the u niversities
of Alberta, Ottawa, Saskatchewa n, and Western University, and has writ-
ten extensively about family law and family d ispute resolution. Payne is the
author of Payne on Divorce, 4th ed (Carswe ll, 1996), and is the co-author of
Canadian Family Law (Irwin Law). His wr itings have been cited in more t han
2,000 cases by trial courts and appel late courts in Canad a, including the
Supreme Court of Canada. He was awarded the Law Society Med al by the
Law Society of Upper Ca nada in 2002, and was made a member of the Order
of Canada in 2004 .
Marilyn A Payne is an experienced author and the foundi ng editor of the
loose-leaf serv ice Payne’s Divorce and Family Law Digest, 1980–1999. She is the
co-author of Canadian Family Law (Irw in Law).

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