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AuthorJoseph Rikhof/Robert J Currie
Robert J Currie is a professor at the Schulich School of Law at Dalhousie
University, where he teaches international and tr ansnational criminal
law, public international law, international advocacy, evidence, crim-
inal law, civil procedure, and law and technology. He studied at both
St Francis Xavier University and the Norman Paterson School of Inter-
national Affai rs at Carleton University, and has degrees in law from
Dalhousie and the University of Edinburgh. A member of the Nova Sco-
tia Bar since 200 0, Professor Currie has practiced both civil litigation
and criminal law, and has appeared before all levels of court in Nova
Scotia, as well as before the Federal Cour t.
Professor Currie has authored, co-authored, or co-edited numerous
books, articles, and comment s in the area of intern ational and tran s-
national criminal law, and his work has been cited by Canadian courts.
The f‌irst edition of this book, published in 2010, was short-listed for
the Walter Owen Book Prize for Outstand ing Canadian Legal Literature
and has been cited by the Supreme Court of Can ada and other Canadian
courts. He acts as a consult ant for both government and private clients
and is often called upon to provide CLE and judici al education for the
practising bar. He is a former president of the Law Reform Commission
of Nova Scotia, a member of the executive committee of the Can adian
Council on International Law (CCIL), and on the board of directors of
the International Soc iety for the Reform of Criminal Law (ISRCL). In
2008, Professor Currie was honoured with the Dalhousie Law Students’
Society and Alumni Association Award for Excellence in Teaching.

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