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AuthorDavid M. Paciocco/Lee Stuesser/Palma Paciocco
The Honourable Justice David M Paciocco of the Court of Appeal for
Ontario, professor emeritus, Faculty of L aw, University of Ottawa, was
formerly a justice of the Ontario Court of Justice and a professor of law
at the University of Ottawa, Common Law Sect ion. While a professor,
he served as a prosecutor over a period of several years before engaging
in a speciali zed criminal defence practice. He has written extensively
about criminal law and is a frequent lecturer at continuing education
programs for judges and lawyers. His academic writi ngs have been
relied upon, on numerous occasions, by courts in Canada, New Zea-
land, and Australi a, and by the Privy Council.
Palma Paciocco is an assistant professor at Osgoode Hall Law School
of York University, where she researches and teaches i n the areas of
crimina l law and evidence. She holds an SJD degree from Har vard Law
School, BCL and LLB degrees from the McGill Faculty of Law, and a
joint-honours BA from the McGill Faculty of Arts. She served as a law
clerk to the Honourable Justice Louise Charron of the Supreme Court
of Canada and is ca lled to the bars of Ontar io and New York. She is a
frequent lecturer at continuing education programs for judges and law-
yers and is a recipient of the Osgoode Hall Law School Teaching Award.
Lee Stuesser is the founding dean of law at the Bora L askin Faculty of
Law, Lakehead University. Prior to this position he was a professor of
law and the director of the Can adian Law Progr am at Bond University
in Australia. Before moving to Australia, he taught evidence, advocacy,

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