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AuthorJamie Cassels
Jamie Cas sels, BA, LLB, LL M, QC, is President and Vice-Chancellor
of the University of Victoria. He is also P rofessor of Law, and former
Dean, at the Faculty of Law, and past Vice President Academic and
Provost at the University of Victoria. Professor Cas sels’s areas of exper-
tise are contracts, tort s, remedies, and legal theory, and he has written
several books and numerous art icles on these subjects, including The
Uncertain Promise of Law: Lessons from Bhopal (1993) and, with Craig
Jones, The Law of Large Scale Claims (2005). Professor Cassel s is the
recipient of several awards for teaching and scholar ship, including the
Canadian A ssociation of Law Teachers Award for Academic Excellence
and the national 3M award for Teaching Excellence.
Elizab eth Adjin-Tettey, LLB (Hons), LLM, LLM, DJur, is a Professor and
Associate Dean, Ad ministrat ion and Research at the Faculty of Law,
University of Victoria. Professor Adjin-Tettey’s teaching and research
interests are in the areas of torts, remedies, in surance, and critical race
and feminist theories, and she has written severa l articles and book
chapters in these are as. Her recent work has focused on the marg inal-
izing effects of tr aditional torts and remedial principles, and how best
to protect the interests of consumers of insurance products while en-
suring the overall v iability of the private in surance system.

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