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AuthorAri Kaplan/Mitch Frazer
Ari Kaplan is principal of Kaplan Law, Canada’s f‌irst law f‌irm special-
izing in pensions and benef‌its dispute resolution. He authored the f‌irst
edition of Pension Law, which won the 2007 Walter Owen Book Prize
for outstanding new contribution to Canadia n legal literature. He is
Canada’s f‌irst Quali f‌ied Mediator with expertise in p ension and benef‌its
law. He is a past assistant professor at Western University; past adjunct
professor at the University of Toronto; past appointee of the Attorney
General to the Board of Trustees of the L aw Foundation of Ontario; and
past chair of the Ontario Bar Association, Pension & Benef‌its Section.
He is a member of the Law Society of Ont ario, ADR Institute of Canada
and a founding member of the Family Dispute Resolution Institute of
Ontario. He practices mind fulness meditation and teaches these ski lls
to lawyers and others. BA (Hons), McGill (1994); LLB, Osgoode (1997),
LLM, Osgoode (2001); QMed, ADRIC (2015).
Mitch Frazer is a partner and the cha ir of the pensions and employment
practice at Torys LLP and the chancellor of Ontar io Tech University. His
law practice focuses on all a spects of pension, benef‌its, and employment.
He is the founder of the National Institute on Ageing at Ryerson Univer-
sity, a former adjunct professor at both the Universit y of Toronto Faculty
of Law and Osgoode Hall Law School, and a published author. Mitch is
also chair of t he TFS Foundation Board of Directors, the immed iate past
chair of Ryerson University’s Board of Gover nors, the immediate past chai r
of the North York General Foundation Board of Governors, and a former

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