About the authors

AuthorRonald C.C. Cuming/Catherine Walsh/Roderick J. Wood
ProfessionUniversity of Saskatchewan, College of Law/McGill University, Faculty of Law/University of Alberta, Faculty of Law
Professor Ronald CC Cuming is a Distinguished Profes sor of Law at the
College of Law, University of Saskatchewan. The focus of his academic
work over a career of fifty-five years has been on rese arch and proposals
that provide the basis for reform of Canad ian and internationa l com-
mercial law. His recommendations have been incorporated into Can-
adian federal law and sec ured transact ions law of nine provinces and
territories of Can ada. He participated in the development of three pri-
vate international law conventions. One of the se, proposed by him and
in the development of which he played a central role, has resulted in t he
Convention on International Interests in Mobile Equipment t hat provides
for a world-scale legal structure and international registry for secured
financing and leasing of large aircraft. Professor Cuming has acted as a
consultant to internat ional development agencies including the World
Bank (Washington), the United Nations Commission on International
Trade Law (Vienna), the International Institute for the Unification of
Private Law (Rome), the Asian Development Bank (Manila), the Organ-
ization of American States (Washington), and the United States Agency
for International Development (Washington). His work has principally
involved advising national govern ments in the design of legal structures
that fac ilitate economic developme nt in dierent countr ies, including
those in Easter n Europe, the Middle East, Latin A merica, and Africa.
Professor Cuming’s work has been published in journ al articles and
books and has been extensively quoted, and his analysis has been
applied many times by Can adian tri al and appeal courts, and several
times by the Supreme Court of Canad a.

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