About the Authors

AuthorJohn H. Currie; Craig Forcese; Joanna Harrington; Valerie Oosterveld
About the Authors
John H. Currie is professor emeritus of law at the University of Ottawa, where for many
years he taught public international law, the use of force by states, the law of armed conict,
constitutional law, torts, and legal research and writing. He has also designed and taught
courses on the theory and practice of public international law for the Canadian Foreign Ser-
vice Institute and at Queen’s University’s Bader International Study Centre in the United
Kingdom. The author or co-author of several books, Professor Currie’s research and writing
interests include various aspects of public international law, with a particular focus on its
interaction with domestic legal systems. The holder of degrees in astronomy and physics
from the University of Toronto and in law from the universities of Ottawa and Cambridge,
he has been president of the Canadian Council on International Law; scholar-in-residence in
the Legal Aairs Bureau of Canada’s (then) Department of Foreign Aairs and International
Trade; vice-dean (academic) in the Faculty of Law, University of Ottawa; and vice-president
(governance) of the University of Ottawa. He is a member of the bar of Ontario and currently
serves as editor-in-chief of The Canadian Yearbook of International Law and as a member of
the Permanent Court of Arbitration in The Hague.
Craig Forcese is a professor in the Faculty of Law (Common Law Section) at the University
of Ottawa, where he teaches public international law, national security law, administrative
law, and public law. Much of his present research and writing relates to international law,
national security, and democratic accountability. Prior to joining the law school faculty, he
practised law with the Washington, DC, oce of Hughes Hubbard & Reed LLP, specializing
in international trade law. Professor Forcese has law degrees from the University of Ottawa
and Yale University, a BA from McGill, and an MA in international aairs from the Norman
Paterson School of International Aairs, Carleton University. He is a member of the bars of
Ontario, New York, and the District of Columbia.
Joanna Harrington is a professor in the Faculty of Law at the University of Alberta, where she
teaches public international law, international human rights law, international criminal law,
and international dispute settlement. She often writes on matters of foreign relations law,
human rights, and transnational crime. She has held visiting appointments at the University
of New South Wales, the University of Oxford, and the University of Texas at Austin, and is
a past recipient of the Canadian Association of Law Teachers Prize for Academic Excellence.
A past scholar-in-residence with the Legal Aairs Bureau of Canada’s (then) Department of
Foreign Aairs and International Trade, she has represented Canada in the negotiation of new
human rights instruments at the United Nations and the Organization of American States.
From –, she served as a part-time member of the Canadian Human Rights Commis-
sion. She holds a BA from the University of British Columbia, a JD from the University of
Victoria, and a PhD in law from the University of Cambridge.

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