About the Authors

AuthorKathy L. Brock/Geoffrey Hale
About the Authors
Dr. Kathy L. Brock is a professor, School of Policy Studies and
Department of Political Studies (cross-appointed), Queen’s Uni-
versity. She has published and lectured extensively on Canadian
and comparative politics, federalism and constitutional matters,
state-nonprof‌it sector relations, Indigenous/Aboriginal governance
and issues, and the relationship between the judiciary and executive.
Geofrey Hale is professor emeritus of political science at the Uni-
versity of Lethbridge. He has published widely on the interaction
of federalism and multiple policy f‌ields including economic, f‌iscal,
social, and regulatory policies; North American integration; the
interaction of Canada’s domestic and international policies; busine ss-
government relations; and border management.

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