Date25 July 2022
As with previous editions, the research and word-processing costs of this
ninth edition of Canadian Family Law have been f‌inanced by Danreb Inc, a
private corporation that engages in legal research and publications and in
social policy and management consulting. e authors wish to acknowledge
their access to relevant judicial decisions with neutral citations through their
daily use of CanLII.
e authors thank Jef‌f Miller for his co-operation in facilitating this pub-
lication and arranging for the in-house preparation of a comprehensive case
list. e authors much appreciate the ef‌forts of Lesley Steeve, Gillian Buck-
ley, and others who discharged editorial responsibilities in their usual ef‌f‌i-
cient manner.
ere comes a time in an author’s life when he (for those who don’t know
me, I am male) should look back and acknowledge with gratitude the contri-
bution that others have made to the development of one’s career. First and
foremost, I want to thank my late parents, Kathleen Mary Payne and Fred-
erick Payne. For the rest of this piece, I shall avoid the word “late.” If the
people I mention continue to inf‌luence what I do, then it is unfair to refer to
them as late. In any event, I am not always sure whether some of them are still
on the tree of life. Some people have the same thoughts about me. I derive my
commitment and dedication from my mother. When my mother was in busi-
ness with my father, she was the initiator of change. She had an uncanny abil-
ity to anticipate changes in market forces. For those who have followed my
career, which probably means only me, I always took pride in being the f‌irst
of‌f the mark. It didn’t always work out. In the mid-1980s, I submied an arti-
cle entitled “e Mediation of Family Disputes” to the Canadian Bar Review
and to the Irish Jurist. ey both declined to publish it because it had nothing
to do with law. How times have changed. Not to be defeated, I published the

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