AuthorSteve Coughlan
ProfessionProfessor of Law. Dalhousie University

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No book is ever exclusively the product of the author, and that mould has not been broken with this one, so many "thank yous" are in order, though it is a delicate task not to ignore important people while at the same time not thanking the entire academy. Many people have contributed to whatever merits this book has, though its demerits remain my own.

A central pleasure of returning to teach where one has been a student is the opportunity to work, as a colleague, with those who have formerly been one’s instructors-though that implies a more stark division between the roles than actually exists in practice. In particular it was a pleasure to work in a variety of capacities with Tom Cromwell, now Justice Cromwell of the Supreme Court of Canada, whose ongoing patience with me has extended to reading this manuscript and kindly agreeing to write the foreword. In addition, my law school professors in Criminal Procedure and Criminal Law-Bruce Archibald and Dick Evans, respectively-have been valued colleagues for many years, from whom I have continued to learn. I should also single out former Dean Dawn Russell, without whose many years of support I would never have been in a position to pursue an academic career.

My understanding of the subject matter of this book is enhanced greatly by Don Stuart and Tim Quigley-not only...

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