AuthorCraig Forcese; Nicole LaViolette
Like all books, this one owes its existence to a peloton of people and organ-
We are lucky to work in a supportive research environment. This book
benef‌itted from the f‌inancial support of the Law Foundation of Ontario and
the Faculty of Law, University of Ottawa, and we thank them for their gen-
erous support. Nicole was able to complete research and writing of the book
during a sabbatical leave granted by the University of Ottawa, for which she
is extremely grateful. We would also like to than k the law students who
made valuable contributions to the book. Émilie Moniz is a tenacious and
organized researcher who knew how to f‌ind and assemble the many legal
sources needed to write the book. Cigdem Iltan spent many hours meticu-
lously editing chapters and footnotes. Éliane Dupéré-Tremblay also provided
invaluable editing assistance.
Let us also express our appreciation for the support that this project
received from our publisher, Irwin Law. We would like to thank Jeff Miller
for his enthusiasm for this project and Alisa Posesorski for overseeing the
editing and proofreading work under a very tight timeline. Irwin Law is also
very supportive of the decision to donate our royalties from the sale of the
book to Share the Road Cycling Coalition in Ontario, whose work on bicycle
safety we strongly support.
We are grateful to Jérémie Fournier, Catherine Gribbin, Sophie Matte,
and Peter Showler, four of our colleagues from the legal profession who
generously took time out of their busy schedules to help with the cover
photograph. Putting their Lycra gear aside, they donned their legal robes
and rode their bikes before a curious audience on a Gatineau bike path. We
are very much indebted to Lisa Hébert for organizing a very professional

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