AuthorEdgar Gold; Aldo Chircop; Hugh M. Kindred; William Moreira
In the preparation of this work the general editors gratefully received
both f‌inancial and in-kind assist ance from many sources to support
the team of editors, contributors, professional editors, and st udent re-
search assistants between 2012–2016.
The personal and institutional support provided by Professor Kim
Brooks, former Dean of the Schulich School of Law, Dalhousie Univer-
sity, is gratefully acknowledged. Schulich Summer Student Rese arch
Assistance wa s provided in 2013. The editors also acknowledge a re-
search grant from the Schulich Academic Excellence Fund (2013–14)
and a Connection Grant from the Social Sc iences Humanities Re search
Council of Canada (2014–16) received by Professor Aldo Chircop to
help network maritime legal scholars and pract itioners in the produc-
tion of Canadian Maritime Law. The Canadian Mar itime Law Ass ocia-
tion’s offer of contingent f‌inancial assistance is also acknowledged.
This book would not have been produced without the generosity
of several law f‌irms a nd public authorities in Canada, i n addition to
the Marine & Envi ronmental Law Inst itute at the Schulich School of
Law. The numerous hours of work of the various contributors would not
have been possible without the cooperation of Ber nard LLP (Vancouver),
Bertschi Or th Solicitors and Barr isters (Ottawa), Borden Ladner Ger-
vais LLP (Montreal, Toronto, & Vancouver off‌ices), Clifford Shiels Legal
(Halifax), Fernandes Hearn L LP (Toronto), McInnes Cooper (Calgary &
Halifax off‌ices), Metcalf & Company (Halifax), Norton Rose Fulbright
(Calgary, Montreal, & Singapore Asia off‌ices), Prince Rupert Port Au-

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