AuthorKaren Eltis
I would like to thank my husband, Rony Greenberg, for his encourage-
ment, illumination, and very importa nt insight leading up to this book
and beyond. Our son, Daniel, and daughter, Tali-Myriam, bring me im-
measurable joy and inspire me anew every day as no one else can. I tha nk
them for the most precious gi of all.
I express my deepest gratitude to the Honourable Professor Irwin Cotler
and to Dean Nathalie DesRosiers for their valuable guida nce and encour-
agement early on and throughout the years, which has meant more to me
than I can begi n to say here, and without which this book (and much else)
would not have been possible.
Special thank s to Brandon Silver and Laura Crestohl for their excellent
research assistance, and to Gai l Deutchman for her boundless energy,
friendship, and much appreciated help. Sincere thanks to Alisa Posesorski
and the Irwin L aw team who worked tirelessly to bring this book to fruition.

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