AuthorGlen Luther
This book began, a bit surpri singly, because of a trip to China. In 2006
Steve Coughlan of the Schulich School of Law at Dalhousie University
was invited to organize a group of Canadian criminal law scholars to
attend an international sem inar on the theory of cr iminal law at Shan-
dong University in Jinan, China. In the wake of that conference, the
chief organizer, Professor He Bingsong, expres sed an interest in lear n-
ing more about the law in Canada. In t he course of putting together a
bibliography and collection of books, it occurred to Steve that although
there were many good books covering cr iminal law and procedure gen-
erally, and specialist volumes in some area s such as search and sei zure,
bail, or sentencing, no book devoted exclusively to the topics of deten-
tion and arrest exi sted.
With an initial idea, Steve enlisted the help of Glen Luther of the
Faculty of Law, University of Saskatchewan. Glen contributed import-
ant ideas on the structure a nd coverage of the book, resulting in its
reframing to the form it ha s now. The authors each undertook half of
the initial w riting, but, with f‌irst drafts in hand, they consulted closely,
discussing and offering suggestions on one another’s work. This book,
now updated to its second edition, is the resu lt of their joint effort.
Like any other book, however, it is not the result solely of their efforts.
Steve is grateful to the Foundation for Legal Rese arch for their material
support of the f‌irst edition, and to the Schulich School of Law for its
support in producing the second edition. He would also like to t hank
in particula r Alex McNabb and Matt Kelly for their research a ssistance

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